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Classic Hollywood Films
 Battleship Potemkin  (1925)
[Model A2Z-DVD-39982] [UPC 882012439982]
Includes Limited Public Performance Rights - Distributed by

In Stock $14.95

Running Time: 75 Minutes

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The movie revolves around an uprising on board the Battleship Potemkin (Bronenoset Potemkin) in 1905. Conditions on the ship are unbearable, which in turn incites revolutionary fervor among the sailors, most notably within the character of Vakulinchik. After the ship's doctor declares rancid meat safe to eat, the sailors buy provisions at the canteen in a show of protest. The Admiral then orders all those who ate the borsch made with the meat to step under the cannons in a show of loyalty. Those who do not are covered under a tarp and ordered shot. Vakulinchik then implores his shipmates to rise up against those who oppress them, namely the officers of the ship. All the officers are killed and the ship is liberated. During the uprising, Vakulinchik dies. His body his placed on the docks in the Odessa harbor as a symbol of the revolution. The citizens of Odessa rally around his body and join the Potemkin in their revolt. Cossaks then come, in one of the most famous scenes of the film, and slaughter the helpless citizens on the steps leading to the harbor, effectively ending the revolt in Odessa. A fleet of battleships then comes to destroy the Potemkin...

Running Time: 75 Minutes
MPAA Ratings: Unrated


Anchored offshore from Odessa, in 1905, the Potemkin contains sailors fresh from the war with Japan. The scene is set with the first cue card - "Part 1: Men and Maggots". On board the ship life is cramped, the food is rotten and the officers inhuman;all conditions ripe for mutiny. Whispering in their hammocks, arranged like a spider's web, the men discuss how the Workers are revolting against their Tsarist bosses;shouldn't the sailors join them? The next day the sailors gather for breakfast, which is slabs of meat hanging from the gangways. When the ship's doctor declares that the maggot-infested meat is fine to eat a small group rebels. The officers, who are well fed, order their execution by firing squad, in front of the rest of the crew.

On the quarterdeck the group is lined up but before the order can be given to fire, a sailor, Vakulinchuk (Alexander Antonov), steps forward. He asks the firing squad who's side are they on - their comrades or the officers? As they lower their weapons one of the officers goes berserk and tries to grab a rifle, provoking a ship-wide mutiny. As chaos envelopes the Potemkin many men, officers and sailors, are killed -- in particular, Vakulinchuk is shot by the Captain. After completing their revolution the ship sails into Odessa, where the sailors erect a shrine to their fallen comrade. Soon crowds are drawn to the quayside memorial, "He died for a spoonful of soup", with his martyrdom spurring them into their own insurrection. Later, when crowds are cheering the sailors aboard the Potemkin, lines of Czar soldiers appear at the top of the steps which lead to the quay.

Advancing slowly down the steps the soldiers shoot indiscriminantly, cutting down everyone from young boys to old women. The civilians panic and try to hide;a young woman is shot, pushing her baby carriage down the steps. As it rolls downwards people try to rescue the baby, but are murdered by the advancing troops. Seeing this carnage, from the Potemkin, the sailors turn their huge guns on the town of Odessa and the ravaging Cossacks. As the smoke clears the sailors realise that the Czar Navy will be on its way to Odessa, so they turn the Potemkin to meet the opposing ships head-on. Steaming into battle the guns are primed and the comrades are prepared to die for the cause of revolution. Instead of shells they are met with smiles;their fellow sailors feel just the same way.

Reviewing, in a critical fashion, a film like Battleship Potemkin is almost impossible due to the acclaim which has been heaped upon it in the past 70 years. However, this fame is not misplaced -- several sequences in the story have an undeniable power and historical resonance (more so now that the USSR has fallen). The crowd scenes are superbly handled, especially the Odessa Steps segment, with a channeling of the mob's power into the rapid montage technique. Somehow, though, watching this film is anti-climatic. The "Steps" sequence has been copied so many times that we feel that we know how it runs, yet the reality doesn't live up to our imagination. The result of this is a film of immense interest which fails to engage our emotions, perhaps because we are conditioned to colour "talkies". To judge this movie with our modern sensibilities simply doesn't work;instead watch for interest's sake. A review by Damian Cannon.


Based on the historical events the movie tells the story of a riot at the battleship Potemkin. What started as a protest strike when the crew was given rotten meat for dinner ended in a riot. The sailors raised the red flag and tried to ignite the revolution in their home port Odessa. Written by Konstantin Dlutskii {}

Battleship Potemkin is certainly not a movie you watch for enjoyment, but for appreciation of a master filmmaker. Eisenstein's technique is quite impressive. He made his films in the editing rather than the filming. For example, the ship used for filming was tied to a dock, but through clever camera angles and shot selection the ship appears to be at sea. Great job in remastering this title as well. Written by M. Jirmanos


Directed by
Sergei M. Eisenstein

Written by
Nina Agadzhanova

Aleksandr Antonov
Vladimir Barsky
Grigori Aleksandrov
Ivan Bobrov
Mikhail Gomorov
Aleksandr Levshin


Battleship Potemkin (UK) (USA)
БроненосецПотёмкин (Soviet Union: Russian title)
Bronomzidi Potiomkini (Soviet Union: Georgian title)
Potemkin (USA)
The Armored Cruiser Potemkin (USA)
The Battleship Potemkin (USA)
The Battleship Potyomkin (USA) (alternative transliteration)

General Packaging Description:
Our professionally-produced DVDs are shipped in retail Amaray style DVD cases just like you would find in a store. These beautifully packaged DVDs make great gifts and are themselves works of art. While we offer some of the best prices anywhere, we have never sacrificed quality for price.
Product Details
Video Run Time - 75 Minutes
Video Format - NTSC
Aspect Ratio - 4:3 Standard
Region Code - Worldwide
Packaging Type - Amaray
Release Date - 1925
UPC - 882012439982
Category Listing
Distributed By Travelvideostore Com
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Battleship Potemkin
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Battleship Potemkin
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 April, 2015.
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