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2 DVD Set
Plays Worldwide
History of Advertising
 General (1930-1950)
[Model A2Z-DVD-00026]  [UPC 882012500026]
Includes Limited Public Performance Rights - Distributed by

In Stock $14.95

Running Time: 116 MINUTES

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See Some Of The Most Historic Advertising Footage Ever Released On DVD!

Nobody likes to admit it - but we all love advertising! Yet in this modern age so much advertising effort is put into television and the Internet. Back before the days of high technology advertisers had to be much more creative when looking for ways to make their message stand out! The 2-DVD set History of Advertising - General: 1930-1950 shows you the myriad creative ways advertising agencies used to sell their products including:

ē Sky writing
ē Billboard advertisements
ē Short films
ē Electric signs

See The History Of Advertising During The Golden
Era Of The Movies!

See Films, Billboards And Sky Writing Ads
From The 1930s!

This 2-DVD Set Shows You How Great Admen Sold
Coffee, Batteries And Automobiles!

The 1930s Was The Heart Of The Great Depression! Advertisers Had To Be Creative
To Get People To Part With Their Hard Earned Dollars!

Imagine being an advertising executive at the heart of the Great Depression Ė the worst economic cycle in American history! Most people did not have any spare cash. It was virtually impossible to get people to spend money! Yet, unless admen wanted to find themselves on the unemployment line they had to find a way!

Thatís why the 1930s is one of the most creative eras ever in the history of advertising!

"I work in advertising, so I was naturally curious about this DVD. What shocked me the most is how many of the elements that are used in advertising today are already being used Ė more than 60 years ago. Itís fascinating"
Christine Cantera, Ocean City, New Jersey (

See The Advertising Masters At Work!

This 2-DVD set has some of the great production houses of the era such as Jam Handy and Jerry Fairbanks Productions, providing glimpses of the strategies employed during the birth of motion pictures and television.

One of the finest and rarest collections of Advertising Films dating back as far as seven decades is a great visual delight. The extraordinary compilation of films ranges from movie theatre ads, TV commercials, sky writing and outdoor ads. These ads also document what was happening in America at the time, 50 to 70 years back. These black and white as well as color ad films give us a wonderfully lively journey through the history of advertising.

These ads are a tribute to creativity. See for yourself the unique way companies marketed their products like Band Aid, Pepsodent, Ajax, Winston, Gillette, Remington, Marlboro, Kool, Robert Burn Cigars, Murial Cigars, Tide, Maxwell House, Hammís, Budweiser, Lipton, Jell-O, Cheerios, V-8, Brown Derby, Nonesuch Coffee, Polaroid Cameras and many others during the 1930s through the 1950s. Very well made, quite watchable for the time.

This vintage collection of high quality movie clips is the finest collection of advertising snapshots available, providing a valuable insight into the marketing strategies implemented during this period. This DVD set is great visual reference and study guide for any history buff or student alike.

"This is the place to get your DVDs. You canít ask for more! Extremely Professional, Extremely Reliable and Extremely Fast. A++" Thanks,
-Derrick Evans -- Tampa, FL

This 2-DVD Set Is A Perfect Gift For Any Student Of Advertising,
The Great Depression Or Film Production Techniques!

This set will show you exactly how advertising has changed over the past 70 years! You will be shocked at how many techniques are still in use today! You will also be fascinated by what techniques worked well before the advent of television and the Internet but would seem quaint today.

Here is just a small sample of what you will see on this incredible two disk set:

Nonesuch Coffee
Does anyone remember Nonesuch Coffee? The brand may have faded into history - and with that name who can be surprised - but you can still see this classic ad! In this theatrical ad a husband wonders why the wife puts the coffee in the icebox. Why to keep Nonesuchís flavour of course! It promotes a "Movie Week Special" where people can get their java rush for just 29 cents a pound. Run! Run! Run to your grocer!

Producer: N/A
Sponsor: Nonesuch Coffee
Year: 1934
Length: 00:01:01
Audio: Mono

Nonesuch Coffee

Behind the Bright Lights
This 30s film tells us how the huge lighted Chevrolet sign in New York City worked, including how they made the letters crawl by spelling out various advertising messages. Itís a very interesting and well explained documentary. If you love old signs anyway, this is just up your alley!

Producer: Jam Handy Organization
Sponsor: Chevrolet Division General Motors Corporation
Year: 1935
Length: 00:07:10
Audio: Mono

Behind the Bright Lights

Sky Billboards
This film shows how skywriting works and demonstrates the making of an aerial Chevrolet advertisement. It features exquisite aerial photography, fascinating information, and occasionally breath-taking shots of the sky writing in progress. Who isnít awe-struck by 300-foot letters written 2 miles high - by airplanes? The film is very well made and quite watchable, especially for the time.

Producer: Jam Handy Organization
Sponsor: Chevrolet Motor Company
Year: 1935
Length: 00:07:35
Audio: Mono

Sky Billboards

Time Savers for House Makers
This is a screen ad where a resigned looking housewife demonstrates the virtues of Elastic Starch. With this miracle "self-cooking" starch, thereís "no wax to add" and "no boiling, no cooking, no need to skim or strain!" The housewife portrayed here demonstrates the product in a melancholic way that contrasts with the unseen announcerís shrill excitement. Just think - before this poor woman even got to point of ironing and starching, she had to wash the clothes by hand using a washboard. Then she put the clothes through a wringer, carried the clothing outside, hung it on the clothesline and hoped it wouldnít rain. Is it any wonder sheís having trouble summoning any enthusiasm for Elastic Starch despite the fact that "itís ready in no time at all?" Itís ten cents a "large package," but even that could have been beyond the budget of Depression era families in 1936, when this ad was made.

Producer: N/A
Sponsor: Quick Elastic
Year: 1936
Length: 00:00:59
Audio: Mono

Time Savers for House Makers

Film Mystery, A (Dreft Screen Ad)
This ad will show you how much times have changed in the past 70 years. The pitch Ė believe it or not Ė is that Dreft Detergent would make a great gift if you have forgotten your wifeís birthday or anniversary. Itís fun to watch for the camp value alone!

Producer: N/A
Sponsor: Dreft
Year: 1937
Length: 00:01:00
Audio: Mono

Film Mystery, A (Dreft Screen Ad)

For Good Living (Brown Derby Beer Promo)
This ad for Brown Derby beer, a house brand of Safeway Stores claims that beer drinking is healthy! Who knew?
There is a lot of campy fun in this film which takes you on a guided tour through the brewing process. Watching the machinery of the day is interesting. Hypnosis was the rage at the time and at one point the film actually tries to hypnotize the audience to buy more beer. Itís a laugh riot!

Producer: N/A
Sponsor: Safeway Stores
Year: 1937
Length: 00:18:59
Audio: Mono

For Good Living Brown Derby Beer Promo

The True Experience of Officer Harold Sewell
This is a dramatized screen ad showing how a flashlight powered by Eveready batteries prevents a train wreck. In just over one minute, this black and white sound film presents a true-life drama and creates tons of tension. Itís a superb achievement, not only artistically but as advertising. And the photography is excellent as well!

Producer: N/A
Sponsor: National Carbon Co. (Eveready Batteries)
Year: 1938
Length: 00:01:21
Audio: Mono

True Experience of Officer Harold Sewell

To Market, To Market (Part I)
General Outdoor Advertising sponsored this film designed to sell billboard advertising. We see billboard after billboard while the narrator extols the virtues of "scientific placement", which mostly seems to involve putting billboards everywhere. It gets a bit creepy after awhile as all people are seen as "customers" to be manipulated. Itís fun to see all the billboards, thoughĖĖthis was made in the 1940ís, before photography was used much on billboards, so itís an interesting document of advertising art and graphics of the period.

Producer: Jam Handy Organization
Sponsor: General Outdoor Advertising Company
Year: 1942
Length: 00:20:10
Audio: Mono

To Market To Market

To Market, To Market (Part II)
This sequel to To Market, To Market is shot in color and gives us a lively look at outdoor advertising in a metropolis. Itís really heavy with the feeling of the buzzing forties. The picture quality is very good.

Producer: Jam Handy Organization
Sponsor: General Outdoor Advertising Company
Year: 1942
Length: 00:04:37
Audio: Mono
Color: COLOR

To Market To Market

Curtis-Wright Shorts (7 Subjects)
This is a collection of short screen ads recruiting workers for aircraft manufacturing jobs during World War II. These interesting ads for employment opportunities at a propeller making plant during the war are a real novelty. Lowell Thomas narrates the first 3 ads and then the last 4 are done by an unseen narrator. Itís a wonderful experience to watch another pearl from the Jam Handy Production team!

Producer: Jam Handy Organization
Sponsor: Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Year: 1944
Length: 00:08:58
Audio: Mono

Curtis-Wright Shorts

An Old Chinese Proverb: One Picture Is Worth Ten Thousand Words
This is a cinematic tour through the Jerry Fairbanks studios in Hollywood, showing the production of animation, television, industrial and advertising films. You will have an enjoyable romp through the studio, which made such amazing shorts as Freedom Highway, Century 21 Calling and Once Upon A Honeymoon. This film mainly focuses on his contributions to the Paramount industrial film collection. You can see tantalizing titles such as Speaking Of Animals and Potatoes Unlimited. For the fans of Fairbanks films, this film is a treat.

Producer: Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions
Sponsor: Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions
Year: 1946
Length: 00:22:07
Audio: Mono

<An Old Chinese Proverb One Picture Is Worth Ten Thousand Words

Running Time:
DVD One: 00:55:31
DVD Two: 01:01:40


Perhaps the greatest challenge an advertiser could be called upon to face is creating a sales pitch for a product people do not really need or worse still one they cannot afford. This fascinating set of DVDs from includes classic vintage clips which offer a fabulous insight into how the Jam Handy Organization, the General Outdoors Advertising Company and the others achieved this objective at the height of the great depression, and kept up the momentum right through the World War II years and the post-war period of plenty.

Some of these advertisers literally took to the air to grab peopleís attention and skywriting became a rage for a while. Others, more dogged and methodical in their approach, preferred the billboards while the more scientific ones put Thomas Elva Edisonís brilliant invention - the electric lamp - to good use in the dazzling moving electric signs. This DVD contains great examples of each of these.

These clips are reminiscent of the transition that the American Society was undergoing during these turbulent years. They bear a remarkable testimony to the resilience of commodity manufacturers and the efforts of brilliant ad men in convincing the buyer of the benefits of these products.

I found the clips to be a revelation. They are innovative, humorous, amusing, informative and absolutely persuasive. Anybody out there wishing to become a successful adman would do well to own and examine these rare and historic DVDs!

There is no risk when you order the
History of Advertising Ė General: 1930-1950 (2-DVD Set) today!

We can make this offer because we know
you will love this amazing 2-DVD Set!

When you order the History of Advertising Ė General: 1930-1950 (2-DVD set) you will be entertained, amazed and informed by this incredible historic footage. There is no risk when you order. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order today and bask in the history Advertising!

General Packaging Description:
Our professionally-produced DVDs are shipped in retail Amaray style DVD cases just like you would find in a store. These beautifully packaged DVDs make great gifts and are themselves works of art. While we offer some of the best prices anywhere, we have never sacrificed quality for price.

Product Details
Video Run Time - 116 MINUTES
Video Format - NTSC
Aspect Ratio - 4:3 Standard
Region Code - Worldwide
Packaging Type - Amaray
Audio Languages - English
UPC - 882012500026
Category Listing
Travel Video Series > History of Advertising
Special Interest > Educational Videos
Special Interest > Historical
Travel Video Producers > A2Zcds
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 06 March, 2014.
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