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Stock Footage Collections
 Northern Wildlife & Wild Lands Royalty Free Stock Footage (2005)
[Model GSC-DVD-NWW] [UPC 883629597010]
Includes Limited Public Performance Rights - Distributed by

In Stock $149.00

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Running Time:

Ask a Question about or notify us of an error on this page with: Northern Wildlife & Wild Lands

Title consists of 80 broadcast quality digital clips ranging in length from 7 to 25 seconds

Northern Wildlife and Wild Lands: NWW (80 clips)

Landscapes in Northern Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland and Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula feature polar bears, Alaska brown bears, black bears, moose, caribou, Arctic fox, ground squirrels, birds and a reindeer herd with Siberian herders.

  • NWW01 Kamchatka volcanoes
  • NWW02 Volcano Kamchatka Siberia
  • NWW03 Siberian tundra
  • NWW04 Siberian ground squirrel
  • NWW05 Ground squirrel on rock
  • NWW06 Kamchatka from helicopter
  • NWW07 Kamchatka landscape
  • NWW08 Kamchatka mountains
  • NWW09 Reindeer herd Kamchatka
  • NWW10 Reindeer against green
  • NWW11 Reindeer herd zooms out
  • NWW12 Reindeer herd grazing
  • NWW13 Herders approach reindeer
  • NWW14 Herd with white reindeer
  • NWW15 Reindeer herd walking
  • NWW16 Herder amid reindeer
  • NWW17 Reindeer running 1
  • NWW18 Zooms in on reindeer
  • NWW19 Reindeer running 2
  • NWW20 Reindeer running 3
  • NWW21 Herders rope reindeer
  • NWW22 Black bear Alaska
  • NWW23 Brown bear across lake AK
  • NWW24 Brown bear walking
  • NWW25 Brown bear in river AK
  • NWW26 Two brown bears AK
  • NWW27 Brown bear and salmon
  • NWW28 Brown bear catches fish
  • NWW29 Brown bear eating fish
  • NWW30 Scene with beaver dam AK
  • NWW31 Beaver dam AK
  • NWW32 Close-up beaver eating
  • NWW33 Moose in marsh
  • NWW34 Moose eating leaves
  • NWW35 Elk grazing AK
  • NWW36 Caribou grazing 1 AK
  • NWW37 Caribou grazing 2 AK
  • NWW38 Caribou grazing 3AK
  • NWW39 Ducks enter water AK
  • NWW40 Geese Canada
  • NWW41 Bald eagle AK
  • NWW42 Icy fjord Greenland
  • NWW43 Iceberg Greenland
  • NWW44 Fjord Eastern Greenland
  • NWW45 Barren landscape Iceland
  • NWW46 Icy landscape Iceland
  • NWW47 Waterfall and flowers Iceland
  • NWW48 Bird with fish Iceland
  • NWW49 Baby bird runs to parents
  • NWW50 Baby bird wants food
  • NWW51 Baby bird gets food Iceland
  • NWW52 Arctic fox hunting Canada
  • NWW53 Fox walking Canada
  • NWW54 Polar bear by Hudson Bay 1
  • NWW55 Polar bear by Hudson Bay 2
  • NWW56 Polar bears play fightning
  • NWW57 Bears play fighting
  • NWW58 Bear at kill site
  • NWW59 Bears in sunshine
  • NWW60 Two Polar bears
  • NWW61 Polar bear sitting
  • NWW62 Polar bears approach
  • NWW63 Polar bear and cubs
  • NWW64 Closer view mother and cub
  • NWW65 Backlit polar bear walking
  • NWW66 Polar bear by water
  • NWW67 Looking down at bear
  • NWW68 Polar bear sits down
  • NWW69 Mother bear and two cubs
  • NWW70 Bear walks then pauses
  • NWW71 Bears tussle
  • NWW72 Bears on rocks by bay
  • NWW73 Bears play fight 1
  • NWW74 Bears play fight 2
  • NWW75 Big bear walking
  • NWW76 Friendly bear tussle
  • NWW77 Female bears playing
  • NWW78 Close-up bears playing
  • NWW79 Bear sniffs blood on snow
  • NWW80 Zooms out from bear

Using your GlobeScope Collection DVD

To use the clips on a GlobeScope DVD-ROM you will need Quick Time on your computer.

The GlobeScope video clips on DVD-ROMS can be imported into most non-linear editing programs for Macs and PCs. The clips are broadcast quality QuickTime movie files slightly compressed using the Photo file type (NTSC, 720 x 486 pixels, 30 frames per second). The clips are too large to play smoothly on many desktops. To play well, a clip should be imported into a non-linear editing program such as Adobe Premier, Adobe Premier Pro, Avid, Avid Express, Media-100, Pinnacle, Final Cut Pro, or i-Movie 4 or later.

If you are editing with an i-Movie program that predates the version included with i-Life 4, you will need to upgrade to i-Life 4. This will automatically convert the .mov clips on this disk into the .dv clips used by i-Movie.

If, after meeting the basic requirements listed above, you continue having problems using clips in the GlobeScope collection, you may return the DVD-ROM to Academic Media Network, Inc., 946 NW Circle Blvd. #295, Corvallis, OR, 97330 with a request that it be replaced with the same collection on a mini-DV tape. For reference to the clips, you may then download the .pdf index file for the collection from the GlobeScope web site.

GlobeScope User License Agreement

You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use and modify the GlobeScope images on this disk subject to the following conditions. By using any product on this disk you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

Use License - Anything produced using GlobeScope images must be for personal use or for the use of your school, institution, company, client, or customer who must be the end-user of your work. You may not rent, lend, sell, lease or sub license the images to another institution, business, or other entity. The disk may not be copied for use on multiple computers at the same time.

Non-Retail Uses - The images may be incorporated into a derivative work such as a report, public presentation, promotion of school or local event, film, video, broadcast, internet or print project. The images may not be used, sold, licensed, reproduced or distributed as a stand-alone imagery element, made available as downloadable files, or included in any other clip media and/or stock image product, nor as a set of clips for distribution or resale.

Retail Products - Copies of the derivative works in which the images are allowed to be used may be reproduced, sold, and distributed with the following limitations: The images may not comprise the entire finished work nor may the primary value of the product come from the use of GlobeScope images alone. In addition, you agree to prohibit any third party from duplicating or distributing any of these images included in the finished work. GlobeScope would appreciate a credit line on the finished product that reads "Stock Footage from The GlobeScope Collection".

Special Limitations - The GlobeScope images may not be used in conjunction with defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, libelous, pornographic, immoral or illegal material.

Copyright Academic Media Network, Inc. - holds the copyright to all GlobeScope images. They are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty agreements. No intellectual property rights are transferred to you and Academic Media Network retains all rights not expressly granted by this license Agreement.

Liability Academic Media Network - or its licensers, will not be liable for any damages or pecuniary loss arising out of the use of or the inability to use the GlobeScope images. Licenser's entire liability and your exclusive remedy will be the amount paid for the particular image collection and no more.

Product Details
Video Format - NTSC
Aspect Ratio - 4:3 Standard
Region Code - Worldwide
Packaging Type - Amaray
Audio Languages - No Narration
Release Date - 2005
UPC - 883629597010
LOC - H5
Category Listing
Travel Video Series > Stock Footage Collections
Tracs > Mary Lee Nolan
Travel Video Producers > Globescope Productions
Travel Video Series > The Globescope Collection
Royalty Free
North America > Greenland
North America > United States > Alaska
Europe > Russia
Europe > Iceland
North America > Canada
Northern Wildlife & Wild Lands
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Northern Wildlife & Wild Lands
Click to display large DVD cover image
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 August, 2006.
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